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Welcome to R. L. Groom Productions! We are pleased that you came by, to browse our website. Our team of skilled and trained staff work hard to deliver high quality videos to those who want entertainment at affordable prices. All of our videos and shot, edited, narrated with live sound, and even scored with music. Each production is put together with state of the art software, and recorded on high quality DVD. This ensures you get the maximum entertainment value for the price. Most of our videos will focus on railroads and railfanning, although some severe weather productions may also be done. So feel free to have a look around, and perhaps purchase a video or two!

All vidoes shown (except those in the unavailable category) can be purchased for $24.00, unless otherwise marked. All sales are final and there are absolutely no refunds or exchanges. You may click the "buy now" buttons to order.

Our latest releases!

  • Canadian National
    (99 years in the making)

    This movie chronicles the evolution of Canada's largest class 1 railroad. Canadian National was born in 1918 from the Canadian Northern, and several other smaller railroads at the time. In 1923, the Canadian Government commissioned the CN into it's Royal Crown Corporation, which it retained until 1995 when Canadian National was privatized. See how things unfolded in this informative documentary video. $24.00

  • Trains Galore!

    Imagine the thought of witnessing over 70+ trains in a single day! Two of our fearless train chasers went out on a railfanning adventure taking them to three (3) railroad hot spots in only two (2) days. Our cameras were set up in Duplainville, Roundout, and Lacrosse, where seemingly endless parades of train traffic are found. So if your into trains (and, we mean a lot of trains), then you will want a copy of this gem video from Mirage Entertainment. $24.00

  • When Steam was King
    (Remake version)

    This is perhaps our best selling video yet! This video chronicles the birth of steam locomotion, how steam engines work, and how they became the most populer workhorses of over a century. Famous locomotive engineers like John Luther Casey Jones are also documented. Steam eventually was replaced by the railroads to diesels in 1960. Finally, you will see how steam is making a come back after all these years. If your a steam locomotive fan, don't miss out on a copy of this updated version! $24.00

What's On The Schedule?

  • Movies currently in production

    Sunday, July 01, 2018

    None at this time

  • Productions being planned:

    Tuesday, July 03, 2018

    Railroad Yards of America. This is a program about the many major yards across the country. How freight trains are broken up, sorted out, and then put back together as new trains outbound. The vital operations of the switch crews, train masters, yard masters, hump control operators, and more is planned to be featured. This production is still in the planning stages, and shooting may not begin until late summer or early fall at the soonest. More updates to follow soon.


    Monday, July 10, 2015

    1. All vidoes are sold suitable for home use only! We try our best to ensure the highest quality possible, but cannot gaurentee the quality of some movies we sell. This may be because the video was shot using lower quality video cameras.
    2. All sales of videos are considered final, with NO refunds or exchanges. Sorry!
    3. Movie titles under the category "Titles Not Available" are not offered for sale individually, but may be included with a more popular video sold. You can however, view a short clip of these movies by clicking the associated link provided.

Other movies in stock:

  • Switching Trains
    (Story of a local rail yard)

    This is a chronicle of the operations of the Stevens Point railroad yard. Included are scenes of cars being sorted into blocks of cars for outbound trains, as well as inbound trains being broken up and sorted. The engine servicing pit and repair in place (RIP) service area is documented. Debut film by Randy Groom! $24.00

  • Rampage of the sea!

    This epic docu-drama focuses in on two of the biggest and costiest hurricanes to strike the U.S. Gulf coast states. Those being hurricane Katrina and Wilma. Hurricane Andrew from 1998 is also featured. You will witness the fury of a hurricane and feel the wrath! You will see the destruction and feel the misery and pain of those who lost their lives. One of the best movie videos yet from talented director, Randy Groom! $24.00

    (The fury of nature, the beauty of winter)

    This is a story of a fictional monster winter storm which blew through the upper Midwest and Great Lakes states, and of one television meteorologist who tries frantically to warn people of it's impending dangers. Can he get the warning out to everyone in time? Grab yourself a copy of this movie to find out. $24.00

Titles Not Available:

  • Movies currently in production

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    Monday, January 08, 2018

    None at this time

  • Previous Releases:

    Saturday, December 30, 2017

    Winter on the railroad! This is a documentary which chronicles the railroad maintenance of way equipment, such as the rotary snow plows, the Jordan spreaders, and snow flangers. Run time: 42:55.

    Tornadoe's! Nature's Rampage! 06/2015. This is an account of why it's important to heed severe weather watches and warnings. Run time: 43:51.

  • Future Projects Scheduled

    Monday, July 10, 2017

    None at this time

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